Life Groups

LIFE is better when it's lived together!  Everyone deserves a safe place where they can experience "LIFE TOGETHER" with friends.  

In a Life Group, you will meet people at various stages in their Christianity who gather in various places on a semester basis, discussing various topics to develop their relationship with God and others.  Members develop friendships, pray for one another's needs, and find ongoing ways to stay connected through social activities. 

All of us long to be connected:  It's how God created us!  Our groups give you the opportunity to connect with other people just like you who are endeavoring to live life to the fullest for Jesus Christ.  Life Groups let you pursue LIFE TOGETHER in the company of friends.

Our Groups focus on meeting needs in 8 different areas.  We call them HUBS.  They are:

  • MEN
Winter/Spring Life Groups
January 24 - April 24

Check out the Groups we are offering below and register for the group that interests you most.

Back Porch Tea
Leader: Robin Thompson | Tuesdays 10 am | Zoom Meetings

 Join with other ladies on Tuesday mornings for a time of fellowship, morning tea, and meaningful discussions on the “Back Porch”.  This group meets weekly for this special time of sharing and caring. 

This group is full, and is not accepting additional members this semester.

Chair Exercises for Seniors
Leader: Debbie Fuller | Wednesdays - 11 am | LC Campus

No matter your fitness level, movement and activity are important for health.  This group will explore exercises that can be done using a chair, many done while seated.  If the gym intimidates you OR you’d like to just begin getting active, join Debbie and begin the process together.

Girls' Night Out
Leader: Dayna Cobb | Wednesdays 7 pm | Varied Locations

 This ladies’ only group will meet to connect with each other over food, fellowship, shopping and fun.  We will meet at different Mechanicsville area budget-friendly restaurants for dinner and girl talk! In addition, several outings to Goodwill are planned for shopping with some “Goodwill challenges” as well.

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Vessels of Honor
Leader: Jennifer Wilber | Thursdays 10 am | LC Campus

 Join with Vessels of Honor for this weekly ongoing time of Bible Study where these women gather for some scrumptious snacks, a life-changing time of worship and Bible Study, all while building genuine friendships.

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Women's Freedom Group
Leader: Tracye Riddick | Thursdays 7 pm | LC Campus

 The FREEDOM curriculum is designed to equip you to live the victorious and abundant life Christ came to give you.  Freedom groups build on the foundation of your faith in Christ to help you embrace the truth of God’s Word as it relates to your worldview, your past, your sin, your personal value to God and your purpose in His kingdom.  This group will help you remove obstacles to intimacy with God and walk in true freedom.

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Women's Exercise Group
Leader: Debbie Hardy | Saturdays - 8:30 AM | LC Campus

 Join with other women and get moving.  This group will help you to be accountable to some of those fitness goals.  Join Debbie Hardy for accountability, exercise, and some fun.

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Monday Knights
Leader: Eddy Colley | Monday 7 pm | 7492 Lee Davis Rd. Suite 14, Mechanicsville

 Join with other men for learning and accountability.  This group is designed to help every man discover how to find your right direction, walk an effective path, experience joy in the journey, and arrive at your completed destination. 


Grid Iron Guys
Leader: Buddy Thompson | Mondays: 7:30 pm | Thompson Home

Join with other men for learning and accountability.  This group is designed to help every man discover how to find your right direction, walk an effective path, experience joy in the journey, and arrive at your completed destination.

Real Life Men
Leader: David Rutherford | Thursdays 7 pm | LC Campus

 Join in with other men for a time of Bible Study as you explore together truths of God’s Word, and the camaraderie of men doing it together.  This semester they will be exploring the book, “Battlefield of the Mind”.

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Men's Biking Group
Leader: Joselito Lopes | Saturdays - 7 AM | Various Trails

 Join with other men, pull out the bikes and hit the trails.  After a quick breakfast and a short devotion, adventure awaits as you explore different biking trails in the area. 

Due to weather concerns, this group will begin in MARCH.

Kids Life Hangout
Leader: Clarissa Buckley | Wednesdays - 7 pm | Zoom Meetings

 Looking for a fun, spiritual element in your kids week?  Join the Kids Life Hangout for children through 5th grade.  Each week, in the comfort of home, they can join this online experience designed just for them.

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The Timothy Group
Leader: Rodney Pavie | Tuesdays - 7 pm | Zoom Meetings

For those who feel a call to leadership, whether pulpit ministry OR just wanting to be effective in church ministry, this group is designed to help you develop your study skills, your leadership ability, and your communication skills.  Time spent sharpening your sickle is not time wasted.  This group is about preparation so you will be effective as a leader in God’s kingdom.

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Sword of the Spirit - Bible Study
Leader: Dan Hebner | Tuesday - 7:30 pm | Hebner's Home

This weekly Bible Study Group will be gathering each week for an in-depth study and discussion of God’s Word, embracing its power for daily living. 

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Bible Study Group
Leader: Debbie Hardy | Sundays - 7 pm | Zoom Meetings

Join with Debbie Hardy each Sunday evening and explore the Bible together.  Various books of the Bible will be explored, and there’s no doubt you will discover a passion for studying and applying God’s Word to your life.  Great opportunity for growth and learning.

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Breaking Chains Through Prayer
Leaders: Gary & Sue Buckley | Fridays - 7 pm | LC Campus

 Many men and women live bound by their past, by guilt and shame, by habits that we aren’t proud of.  Through the power of prayer, we can discover God’s power to set us free.  Join with the prayer team each Friday and discover accountability and the freedom that a connection to Jesus Christ will bring.

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Evangelism Training Group
Leader: Sean Thomas | Tuesdays - 7 pm | Life Church Campus

Do you have a heart to impact our community?  A heart to serve others and make a difference in their lives?  If so, each Tuesday evening, we will be training men and women to make a difference in the lives of others by helping you to be prepared to share your faith in tangible ways throughout the community.  Come and be equipped to impact your world!

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Leader: Melanie Gary | Thursday - 7 pm | Life Church Cafe

This CODA group is a WOMEN'S Christ-Centered support group for those that have been affected by others with dependency issues.  Contact Melanie directly for more information or any questions at 804-347-7364.

IGNITE Youth Life Groups
Leaders: Steven & Jazmine Funes | Wednesdays - 7 pm | Life Church Campus

Join with the guys and girls of IGNITE as we grow together, learn together, and have fun together.  It's amazing what can happen when we join together and pursue God among our friends.

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