To truly experience what we are all about, we encourage you to discover the values of GATHER, CONNECT, and SERVE.

GATHER with us for a weekend service, CONNECT in one of our Life Groups, and SERVE by joining the Dream Team.

LIFE was meant to be lived together - We can't wait to have you connected with us!


    Our weekend GATHERings are designed to help people experience God and become followers of Jesus.  If you're new to the whole church thing, you can join us on any weekend throughout the year and hear the life-giving message of Jesus in terms you can understand and relate to.  If you're a believer, you will discover opportunities to continue growing on your faith journey.


    We believe LIFE is better together.  Throughout the week, we encourage you to CONNECT in a Life Group, a small group of people who get together to do something they enjoy.  Whether you're trying your first steps toward faith or moving to another level, connection is the relational link that fosters spiritual growth.


    God gave you a purpose - and we're committed to helping you discover it and live it out by making a difference.  When you know why you're here and what you're meant to do, your life will never be the same.  Our Dream Team is filled with hundreds of people just like you who are using their gifts to SERVE others, making a difference, and fulfilling their purpose.