Matthew 23:23-28
Freed From Shame

As we endeavor to live lives that are clean before God, many times we fail to truly surrender all. Those corners of our lives that require extra effort lay dusty and dark, and many times we pray that no one will even notice. But the truth is our lives are greatly affected by those heart issues that are allowed to fester and grow over time. One such issue that cripples so many of us is shame. Shame-based thinking causes us to allow our mistakes, sins, and our hurts to become our identity because shame attaches our identity to our sin. Many have surrendered to God and experienced His forgiveness but they live at a place where they are crippled by the shame of a forgiven past. But Jesus came to set us free from the shame that He scorned at Calvary. In week 1 of DEEP CLEAN, Pastor Rodney shares a very personal message called FREED FROM SHAME in which he readily declares that our freedom from shame is directly tied to changing our focus from what we did and who we are, to what HE did and who HE is. Today you can be FREED FROM SHAME.

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